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4+ Hours Left in Journeys with Jesus Crowdsale

There are less than 5 hours left in the crowdsale for Journeys with Jesus. We have reached the second tier of discounts, and with just 7 more sales we will reach the third tier – 10% off list price.

In a crowdsale, everyone who buys during the sale, whether the first or the last one in gets the discount calculated based on the number of orders. So, if you’ve already placed your order – let your friends know they still have a little time to get in on the deal. If you haven’t yet ordered, don’t miss your chance to save!

Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement!

Here’s the link to the crowdsale:

The Journeys with Jesus Crowdsale Has Begun!

Our first game, Journeys with Jesus, is now available and on sale through a crowdsale.

In a crowdsale, the more people who buy the game, the lower price everyone pays. The price you’ll see when you place your order is the MOST you’ll play for the game. As more people place their orders, the price will come down for everyone, including those who have already placed their order. Your credit card won’t be charged until the end of the sale (May 5) so that you get charged the lowest price that was achieved.

Everyone’s games will be made and shipped after the sale is completed. You’ll probably get yours sometime around the end of May or beginning of June.

The starting price is discounted $3 (7%). If 20 people buy the game, they will all save 10%. If 100 people buy the game, everyone saves 25%.

Remember to tell everyone you know who might enjoy Journeys with Jesus about the game and the sale so that we can get the best discount for everyone!

Place your order here!

Journeys with Jesus Crowdsale!

Journeys with Jesus is now in the Game Crafter store. But if you can wait a little longer to buy your copy, you can save some money. Starting Wednesday April 21 and running for 2 weeks, we are holding a Crowdsale!

What is a Crowdsale you ask?

A Crowdsale is a better version of crowdfunding (you know, like on Kickstarter).

During a Crowdsale, the more people that buy, the lower the price that everyone pays.

If only one person buys during the Crowdsale (I’ll be really sad), that one person still gets a 7% discount off the normal price of the game.

If 20 people buy a copy of the game, then all 20 get a 10% discount.

If 70 people buy, then everyone gets a 20% discount.

If 100 people buy, everyone gets a 25% discount.

And, if 1000 or more people buy the game, then everyone will get a 29% discount off the normal list price.

The only downside of a Crowdsale is that none of the games will ship until after the sale is over, but even that is much faster than your typical Kickstarter campaign.

You can check out the sale page where you can also sign up to get a message reminding you to come back when the sale starts. And since everyone saves the more people who participate, make sure to share this link with all your friends, family, church family, homeschool coop members, etc.

I hope you enjoy the game!